These tasks need to be completed before a 4.0.x release.

Project-Wide Tasks

  • Make a good default configuration. -- DONE
  • Fix up README, INSTALL and Release Notes in all modules.
  • Complete Documentation.


  • provide good default configuration -- DONE (no better suggestions)
  • Fix cropping effect on icons with gtk 2.4.2 and 2.4.3. With gtk 2.4.1 all is fine.


  • Hot keys not working in the remove dialog
  • Missing keyboard shortcuts for sorting
  • Bookmarks with identical names and different paths is not good
  • Menu items unselecting themselves when monitor enabled


  • make sure credits are as up-to-date as possible -- DONE
  • taskbar: the settings dialog has systray enabled initially, but the actual default is 'off' || err, the other way around. The default should be on, but it is not shown initially, even though the mcs plugin has the correct initial setting -- DONE


  • stabilise menu cache code, fix some corner cases where it doesn't notice changes
  • add XfceIconTheme icon category support to menu entries
  • use XComposite to allow the virtual root window to be semi-transparent (maybe this will make root-tail, xplanet, etc. usable?)


Add other modules similarly


I would suggest to set default ui-theme back to XFce-basic instead of the new XFce style. (XRay) -- No, sorry.

I would suggest ability to change easly screen resolution. X-serves has 1280x1024 as default, but I wish to have 1024x768 due to better refresh rate and I don't want to mess with xorg.conf as other users want 1280x1024. XFCE opens in standard resolution and ignores changes I put into ~/.xfce4/xfce4rc


Some Crystal Icons have cut off edges in rc.3 ( f.e. Help, Setup or Graphic) in rc.2 they all looked fine. (XRay) -- FIXED

Not every jpeg picture is previewed unless auto-preview is activated. (XRay) || Size dependent.