This page is for tricks or problems regarding to a 4.2 pre-release. Of course since 4.2 is a moving target, none of this is guaranteed to be still valid when you read it. After 4.2 is released, any info which is still relevant should be moved elsewhere.

Xinerama/multihead Edit

XFce 4.0 is reputedly one of the best environments for multihead. Both xfwm and xfdesktop support it intelligently.

But on 4.2 I cannot get it to work!

I first tried the .debs from os-cillation, and no go. Then I compiled my own xfwm - and I got composite, which was not a priority for me, but still no multihead. I'm about to compile my own xfdesktop too, but I'm not setting my hopes too high.

  • xfwm happilly maximizes my windows covering both screens :-(
  • many windows are placed, by default, in the center of the virtual space, so I get half on each monitor.
  • same for splash. Yuck. (I actually created an image that looks good on it :-P but the "subtitles" are still split in half)
  • I have one single image spread across both monitors as backdrop. Again, a simple gimpwork produced one that looks good, but that's not an acceptable long-term solution.