These tasks need to be completed before a 4.2 release.

Project-Wide Tasks

  • Modify default configuration to use the session manager -- DONE
  • More keyboards control config


  • Always on top for the window -- DONE
  • Window without border and button and title


  • make panel and items real gtk widgets [4.4]
  • improve panel behaviour related to movement and position [DONE]
  • Allow multiple panels (?) [4.4]
  • Load panel plugins on demand; Unload when unused. [DONE]
  • Create panel lib to ease module creation. [4.4]
  • Better enforce API versioning. Plugins should be manually updated, not automatically after a recompile.
  • Move to GMarkup xml parsing (?) [DONE for settings]
  • Move utility functions to libs, specifically executing programs [DONE]
  • Internationalize date format for clock tooltip


  • DONE: support the freedesktop shared mime info standard -- botsie
  • Mount Samba shares
  • Add an icon-browsing for File Manager (like konqueror/windows), because the tree is not always good... This should be quite simple because gtk 2.6 has an icon view widget.
  • Expand .tar, .tar.gz files, allowing doubleclick action and dnd from.
  • Allow double click action on remote SMB files
  • Add a way to launch xfce-setting-show from within xffm
  • Add file time options for fgr (already in xfglob, just a matter of window elements)
  • Add menu entry tools->mount->[un]mount fstab entries
  • Catch remote process errors after doubleclick (xftree signalling does not work in FreeBSD)
  • Sort method and icon size should be saved from session to session for each directory (trivial using dbh)
  • Remove glade generate gui code to optimize and enable the following:
    • buttons with popdown menu buttons (as in Autocad)
    • ability for user to configure toolbar
  • Enable inner gtktreeview dnd to rearrange or hide main branches (I don't know if it is even possible yet)


  • translations
  • move to xfce-utils (?)
  • show calendar on clock's "on-click" event (like in KDE) -- DONE


  • Make the use of TCP ports an option (Currently opened without notice) -- DONE


  • implement caching for the autogenerated desktop menu
  • find a new and better solution to allowing xplanet, etc. to draw on the desktop
  • wallpaper change on time
  • One wallpaper by virtual desktop


Add other modules similarly


  • zacay, I moved your request to WishList, where it belongs -- Jasper

Please do not delete items from this list unless they are wrong or meaningless. Completed items should be marked DONE.