What is Xfce?

Xfce is a desktop environment for UNIX-based operating systems. The project has been founded to offer a fast and lightweight, good looking and easy to use Desktop Environment.

Xfce is based on different components that together provide a complete desktop environment. The modular design allows you to choose from the available packages and to build up your personal working environment.

With Version 4 of Xfce a complete rewrite has been started. It is now based on the GTK+ toolkit version 2 and follows the freedesktop[1] guidelines. All of Xfce 4's core components have been written to fit into the new architecture.

Xfce 4 is all free software. Each component is released under one of the following licenses: the BSD license, the GNU LGPL or the GNU GPL.

Xfce 4 features

  • Freedesktop standards compliance
  • Development framework to help you building your own applications
  • TrueType fonts with anti-aliasing
  • Component based installation
  • File manager with support for samba browsing and mount/umount filesystems
  • A Sizable Panel which can be placed vertical or horizontal and includes auto-hide feature and detachable menus to launch applications
  • Window Manager with more than 60 window decorations, window shading and desktop switching
  • Desktopmenu, and a desktop margins setup utility
  • Graphical settings manager
  • Graphical printing frontend
  • Graphical pager
  • GTK2 theme engine
  • A taskbar
  • Xinerama support
  • More than 18 languages translations...