Invented by Linus Thorvalds in 1991. A UNIX alike operating system free as in beer.

Most Recent ReleasesEdit

Kernel 2.6 has even more features of a modern multitasking OS than Windows.

  • O(1) Scheduler
  • Hyperthreading support
  • AMD64 support (including no execution protection)
  • comes with source
  • ultra portable

Most prominent applications for Linux include: KDE, apache, PHP, AV The help file equivalent in the Linux world is called MAN Pages. If you're ever lost, puzzled how a command works, just type man command.

Easiest way to a compiled kernel:

  • Download source bzip2
  • tar -xjvpf linux1.23.tar.bzip2
  • cd linux1.23
  • make menuconfig
  • make dep clean install

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