Changes between Xfce4.0 rc4 and 4.0 final

  • system tray fix
  • better support for non-EMWH compliant programs
  • Old 32 item limit for the panel removed

Changes between Xfce4 rc3 and Xfce4 rc4

  • Window management improvements for applications using older toolkits like motif or tk
  • Icon scaling in te panel was improved
  • Several small fixes in the file manager

Changes between Xfce4.0 rc2 and Xfce4.0 rc3

  • Fix a number of hard to find window management bugs.
  • Fix menubutton and iconbutton behaviour in libxfcegui4: no more flicker and unnecessary resizing.
  • Some fixes for autohide and reorientation of the panel
  • New default configuration for the panel
  • Use Xfce gtk theme by default
  • Improved handling of fullscreen windows.
  • Fixes to notification area/system tray implementation
  • Change buttons for desktop mouse menu: right click opens menu, middle click opens window list
  • Updated documentation

Changes between Xfce4.0 rc1 and Xfce4.0 rc2

  • Fix a small window management bug that showed up on rare occasions.
  • Panel plugin API was changed again to prevent old plugins from crashing the panel. Older plugins will no longer work with the panel.
  • Fixed size problems with the iconbox
  • Several translation updates.

Changes between beta2 and Xfce4.0 rc1

  • many internal library changes. This means that applications that link against libxfcegui4 must be recompiled against the new library.
  • new 'separator' item for the panel
  • 'revert' functionality removed from panel item dialogs. External panel plugins must be updated by their author or they may cause problems. All panel plugins must be recompiled.
  • columns in file manager reorderable by dragging the headers
  • tab completion on input boxes in the file manager
  • window manager stores session info, when using a session manager
  • xrandr support for the window manager
  • improved handling of special window hints
  • many bugfixes and general improvements

Changes between beta1 and beta2

  • major improvements in Xinerama support
  • new themes for the panel, based on SVG icons
  • new packages have been added from xfce4-extras
xfce4-systray : a notification area for the panel
xfce4-themes : icon themes for the panel
  • by default, the panel is not focused anymore when you switch the focus using Alt+Tab keyboard shorcut
  • the panel now allows you to specify a directory as launcher, that opens up the file manager (xffm) directly on it
  • new UI layout for the mcs settings dialogs, much better looking
  • xfce4-tips now includes several useful "tips and tricks"
  • several bug-fixes for Solaris